Art & Interiors have always had an intrinsic connection

Art is becoming an increasingly integral part of the modern home

Feature walls, accent colours, gallery walls etc are all so current in Interior trends and I feel the right piece of Art can complement and complete any home. Having studied Interior Design alongside my B.Ed ( Hons ) in Art & Design I love to combine my passion and knowledge of the two in creating and finding the perfect painting for your home.
The right painting completes a space, enhances colour, mood and ambience and can inject personality and the wow factor to any home. Art can be the starting point and inspiration for an entire scheme or can be the final piece in completing a “look”.

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If you have a beautiful room with a blank wall that you are unsure of how to fill, and a scene or view that is special to you, I can arrange a one on one colour consultation to advise you on how my Art can connect and transform your space.

Art & Interiors have always had an intrinsic connection and will forever work in harmony together.

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Some wonderful comments

I am blessed to have such wonderful admirers and here are just a few comments received from happy clients.