Sketch and Sip

3rd November 2018
Jacqueline Rooney
I recently held a very successful “Sketch and Sip “ evening in the fabulous, “Made In Mourne” creative hub in Kilkeel, Co. Down. 
My 12 enthusiastic students dipped their prosecco, listening to relaxing music while producing the most beautiful sketches of the Mountains of Mourne. They used a variety of pencil, pen, charcoal and inks to complete their masterpieces and all were delighted with their renewed creative skills!
It was a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxed and productive evening and requests for more of these evenings have been flooding in!
Watch this space for upcoming events and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to organise a private or corporate “Paint & Sip” class. A perfect chance to unwind and relax in a fun atmosphere-ideal for team building, hen parties, private celebrations etc .
I’ve another organised for next Wednesday evening 7th November again in Made In Mourne in Kilkeel. If you would like to book click here.

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